Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shane G. and the Big E.

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Big E!  We met with two of Daddy's friends from college -- Alex and Jesse, and their wives, Emily and Darla.  Jesse and Darla even brought their one-year old daughter, Lena.

For those of you who don't live in New England, the Big E is a giant fair.  Every state in New England gets to display its wares in a big house for everybody to see.  In Rhode Island, we got to look at Dell's Lemonade, and in Connecticut, there were apples and pizza.  Maine had potatoes -- you get the idea.  Mommy and Daddy said that it was a special occasion, and that I could eat anything I wanted -- even fried pickles!  They really had fried pickles!  And fried jelly beans, fried cheese cakes, fried oreos...  I chose to eat milk.  And lots of it.

There was also a giant warehouse with lots of booths with products sold only on TV (and at the Big E, I guess).  Alex and Emily gave Daddy and Mommy a ShamWOW that can soak up lots and lots of liquid all at once.  Now I can pee on the floor whenever I want!!!

This is Daddy and me in our condo before leaving for the Big E.  I am wearing my bib like a superhero cape!

Here I am in my carseat right before we left.  I am so excited!  Look how awake I am!!!

It was VERY sunny at the Big E.  I had to wear a hat.

This is my friend Lena.  We are meeting for the very first time.

Lena tried to steal my foot!  Mommy says that she was teasing me because she LIKES me.  That's why we will probably get married some day.

This Big E was very fun, but very tiring.  When it got dark, Mommy and Daddy put me in PJs and I went to sleep.

And I stayed asleep, even when Mommy changed my diaper!

And then I went to sleep for real...  What a wonderful day.

A Family Affair

Last Wednesday, I had a wonderful visit with Goomie, Auntie Marji, and cousins Maya and Joney.  We had so much fun!  We drank milk at Panera, and then went home and napped and drank more milk!  Check us out!!!
 Here are Goomie and Maya.  Don't they look beautiful?

 Auntie Marji showed Mommie how to string my toys over my carseat so they won't hit me in the face next time we take a walk!

Auntie Marji also lent Mommie and Daddy a Moby wrap so they can carry me around the house all day.  I've never been so comfortable in my LIFE.  And look!  No paci!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Picking Extravaganza

Mommy and Daddy took me apple picking yesterday in honor of their favorite season, the fall.

Look at these beautiful apples!  I'm in a milk phase right now though -- apples just don't interest me.  So I took a nap instead.

After the picking was done, I decided that I wanted to get out of the Bjorn to drink a snack.

Here is Daddy feeding me DELICIOUS milk!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I LOVE my Daddy

I love my Daddy.  A lot.  See?

Don't worry.  I love Mommy too.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hi, I'm Shane. And I'm a milk-aholic.

Yes.  I have a milk gut.  Wanna make something of it?

 Before you answer, I feel I should warn you about my biker friends...

Even though I'm in a pink seat, I am one TOUGH cookie (with milk)!

Tubby Time!

Even babies get dirty.  That's why I get a bath every night before bed.  I have a special bathing seat since I don't like to sit up by myself yet.  And I have a special towel with a lovely hood for my head.

This is a picture of me taking my VERY FIRST tubby.  See how tiny I am?????  I am way bigger now.

Check out these photos of last night's tubby time.

Here I am, right before my tubby.

This is my Mommy bringing me into the tubby room.  She is making a very funny face!  But I guess I am too ("Please, oh please let this be a quick tubby's already past my bed time!")

Here I am, in my special seat, right before tubby time starts.  Mommy says its okay to spit up all over myself if I am about to get washed.

See?  All clean.  No spit up -- all of my milk is still in my tummy.

After my tubby, Mommy and Daddy wrap me up in special hooded towels.  Aunties Marji and Debbie and Uncles Kevin and Dan bought me this lovely towel.

And then I get all dressed up in comfy PJs and get ready for bed...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working Out

I have been working out.  I spend several minutes each day in my play gym.  I also bounce my head around any time Mommy or Daddy holds me.  I come by my athleticism naturally -- my Auntie Debbie is a physical therapist and my Uncle Dan is a hockey player and sport trainer.  My Goomie and Goompie walk and run all over the place, and my Auntie Marji lifts two little kids up and down several thousand times each day.

Check out my buff body!

This is me working out my eyes.

And working out my neck...

And we can't forget my arms...


Now that I'm all buff (and of course, you know that I'm the stuff), if you take one more picture, I'll...

No, wait, never mind.  it's time for my post-workout rest so I can prepare for the next challenge.

Size Matters

Too big... (word...)

 Too small...

Just right...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Mouse and the Moose

My Mommy works with a very nice lady named Diana.  Diana had a baby on August 25, who she named Toby.  Mommy and Diana got pregnant at almost the exact same time -- Toby and I were due only 6 days apart!  Except I was born 3 weeks early, and Toby was born 10 days late.  Toby was born exactly 3.5 pounds heavier than I was.  But I'm not worried.  My Goomie says that nobody goes to kindergarden weighing only 5 pounds...

Can you tell who is the mouse and who is the moose?

Hand-Knitted Baby

Did you know my Mommy is a knitter?  Look at the sweaters she made me!!!  I am quite the model...

This white sweater is my birth sweater!  Good thing I was only 5 pounds -- it barely buttons now!

Mommy made this sweater for my cousin Jonah.  Jonah outgrew it though, and he gave it to me!  I promised to keep my spit and drool to a minimum, so I can return it if Auntie Marji and Uncle Kevin decide to have more cousins.

 Just concentrating on growing and filling this sweater out...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tummy Time!

Did you know that babies used to sleep on their tummies all the time?  And then, doctors decided that it was best for babies to sleep on their sides.  NOW, babies are only supposed to sleep on their backs.  So I take all my naps on my back, unless I am resting on Mommy or Daddy (or an aunt, uncle, cousin, goomie, goompie, granny or grampy...)

Since I spend so much time on my back, I have to work very hard to develop my neck muscles.  That where Tummy Time comes in!

First, let me introduce you to my play gym.

As you can see, my play gym is a giant colorful mat.  At least, it is colorful to me, since I can only see black, white and maybe red right now.  There are lots of hanging rings to grab onto, and even a mirror so that I can look at my handsome mug!  And best of all, this gym has lights and music, to make my workout even better.  Sometimes, I get a little tired in the play gym, so I have to take a little rest afterwards, like in this picture...
Check out this video of me practicing tummy time!
I know that there were some tears here -- just remember that tummy time is HARD WORK.  And I'm still a baby after all -- I was just acting my age!  And I was fine was I got a chance to rest afterwards...

A Big Day on the Town (of Vernon!)

You read right!  Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy took me to Vernon to visit Auntie Marji and Uncle Kevin's home.  Maya and Jonah were there, and Goomie and Goompie and Auntie Debsie and Uncle Dan were there too! 

It took us a few hours to get there because I needed to make a few stops for snacks.  Check me out!

Here I am at a rest stop along Route 6 in Killingly, CT.  I was STARVING.

This is me all full of milk.

And here I am resting on Mommy after a very long and difficult drink.

And then came the excitement.  Look at how fun my cousins are!!!

Jonah played hard core with Auntie Debsie and Uncle Dan.  Auntie Debsie wore a BEAUTIFUL necklace, but I didn't get to play with it because I was too busy sleeping upstairs.

Jonah is an A + cousin -- he let me sleep AND spit up in his crib!

This is a picture of my cousin, Ballerina Maya.  Maya thinks that she will teach me how to dance someday. That will be cool -- but I'll pass on the tutu...  But I'm glad she didn't teach me yesterday because I was too busy playing on Goompie's lap.

Look!  I'm standing on Goompie's lap!
Now, I'm SITTING on Goompie's lap, taking a rest.