Friday, December 31, 2010

My First Snow

Swaddle Me This

When I was a little baby, people at the hospital told my parents that it was very important to swaddle me up tight at night and during naps so I would sleep better.

The nurses were excellent swaddlers....

But my parents were not...

Every time I broke out, I startled myself awake!   My parents thought that maybe a velcro blanket would help...  (see that blur to the right?  That is my arm escaping at high speed!!!)

So my Auntie Nicole and Mommy's friend Kathleen each gave Mommy a Miracle Blanket.  That did the trick!

The miracle of this blanket is that it is not just a blanket -- it is also a baby straight jacket!  I couldn't escape even if I wanted to!!!

That is, I couldn't get out until I really really really wanted to.  And then, all of the sudden, I was able to wiggle wiggle wiggle....  Mommy and Daddy kept finding me in the middle of the night with the entire swaddle wrapped around my middle, and with my arms widely attacking little my face.  I let my parents know how much I hated sleeping unswaddled by screaming and flailing until they somehow reswaddled me. I decided that if I couldn't sleep, then NOBODY should sleep.

So Mommy wrote to Miracle Blanket Man and asked whether the blanket came in a bigger [stronger] size.  Miracle Blanket Man told Mommy I was just too big for the blanket and that she and Daddy needed to break me of this whole swaddle habit.

The question was HOW????? 

Miracle Blanket Man told my Mommy and Daddy to just take away the swaddle and let me cry.  He assured them it wouldn't be that bad.

So cry I did.  I screamed so loudly that Mommy and Daddy wanted to tear out their hair.  I kicked and thrashed around.  I was really really really ticked. 

For 75 seconds. 

And then this happened...

 Eh.  I never really liked that swaddle anyway...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My First Christmas

OK.  I don't actually celebrate Christmas.  But Jewish people still celebrate in our own way -- we meet with family, eat Chinese food -- and when I get older, I will go to the movies!  Check out my very first Christmas.  We celebrate at Aunti Marji and Uncle Kevin's house.  I played with cousins Maya and Jonah, and with Goomy and Goompy!!!

Same Old Same Old

Even though I am getting way older (I'll be 5 months old in less than a week!), lots of things are still the same.  For example:

1. I still love to smile and play in the exersaucer.

2.  I still find the exersaucer pretty exciting sometimes.

3. I still make funny faces...

4. And sometimes I still stare blankly...

5. I still LOVE dressing up!

6. I still love Mommy.

7. I still love Daddy.

8. I still love wearing my cousin Jonah's old clothing, both fancy and not.

(although sometimes Jonah gets jealous, and tries to tear my/his clothes and face off...)

9. I still love to cuddle for my final nap.

10. I still love Sleepy Bunny.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's December 9! Where have we BEEN??? Four Milestones

So it has been many moons since my last post.  What happened, you ask?  Well.  Mommy got very sick with a very bad cold.  She was pretty miserable.  Then, I got a little bit of the cold, and decided that I would rather cry than sleep.  Mommy still loves me, but it made her cold last a little longer.

Let me catch you up on four major milestones in my life:

Milestone 1

I turned four months old!  This means that I am officially too big for my little clothes!  Mommy opened two new boxes of clothes for me, all tested for comfiness by my cousin Jonah!  Check me out!!!

Of course, you can't expect me to get dressed up all the time...

Milestone 2: I celebrated my FIRST Thanksgiving!  Check out my onesie -- I'm thankful for Mommy and Daddy!  And look at the special bib that Goomy and Goompy got me!

Milestone 3: I am no longer the little one!  Auntie Nicole and Uncle Erich have a brand new baby girl named Rebecca Lynn.  She is beautiful.  And very tiny.  She is 7 pounds and 9 ounces.  I am 11 pounds and 10 ounces.  I think that makes me about 100 times bigger than she is.  We don't have any pictures of Rebecca yet because Daddy was too busy calming me down to take the pictures.  But don't worry -- we will post plenty really soon!!!

Milestone 4: I celebrated my first Hannukah!  Here is a picture of me at Grammy and Grampy's house during Hannukah dinner.   See my cousin Zack?  He is a big brother now!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Baby

We Are Family

Check out my Grammy and Grampy and Goomy and Goompy and Uncle Erich and Cousin Zack!

Here I am, with Grammy and Grampy and Cousin Zack.  Cousin Zack loves to touch me...  He is practicing for the new baby that will soon be part of his family!

 And here I am with Goomy and Goompy! 

 Goomy held me while Zack played with my hands...

 And Uncle Erich held me while I helped Zack color his picture!  Grampy was there for moral support too!

I got fussy at the end of the night, and Goompy held me like a football and made is all better.