Friday, January 14, 2011

My First Snow Day!

This past Wednesday was my first ever snow day!  Now, I've seen snow before, but never in all my months have I seen this much snow!  Mommy and Daddy said day care was closed because we got over 17 inches.  Though I was sad that I wouldn't see my friends and Miss Ellie, I was excited to meet new ones, like Mr. Plow, Mr. Shoveler and Mr. Snowblower!  Not to mention I got to play with Mommy all day (and Daddy when he took breaks from work).

So here I am watching the snow fall.  I don't think Daddy will be grilling burgers tonight!
There was so much snow, they had to call in a tractor to help Mr. Plow!  I didn't know what to make of Mr. Tractor, so I just stuck my tongue out, hoping to look cute!
Hi Mr. Snowblower!

It's a party!  Mr. Tractor, Mr. Snowblower, AND Mr. Plow are here!
WOO HOOO!  Look at me!  I'm playing in the snow!  This is SOOOO COOL!!!!!
...15, 16, 17...Yep, there's 17 inches of snow here!
Snow doesn't phase me!  I just want to lick my jacket!
Wow!  That is a huge mound that Mr. Plow made!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Day!

Mommy's family came to visit on Sunday!

I was VERY excited to see them!

Here is my Cousin Maya helping me to master my exersaucer.

And here is Jonah -- did you know that he can CRAWL?  Here he is, trying to crawl under the couch.

Maya totally loves me.  First, she lets me use her kicker.  Then, she comes over to kiss me while I am playing!!!

I was a little sad when they left, so Mommy let me look at pictures of them on their blog.

And then when I was done missing them, we watched a Muppets music video (with a cameo by Big Bird), which was totally AWESOME, but Daddy had to interrupt my fun by taking this picture.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

GO BU!!!!!

My Auntie Marji and Aunti Debs and Uncle Dan all graduated from BU.  I am resting up so that maybe I can go there too some day.

Working Mommy; Happy Baby

That's right, folks!  Mommy has returned to work.  This means that I have spent one week in daycare.

I LOVE daycare.  All day long, I play in swings and bouncy seats and exersaucers.  I have one exersaucer at home.  Daycare has 6!!!!!  I have two swings at home.  Daycare has 5!!!!!  I have zero bouncy seats at home.  Daycare has 3!!!!!

I start every morning in my bumbo seat, watching Mommy and Daddy eat breakfast.  I can't wait to eat what they are eating!

Then, when I am tired of the bumbo seat, I go sit in Daddy's lap for a little drink of milk.

Then Mommy or Daddy takes me to the creatively-named Johnston Daycare, LLC.  I always start off in a bouncy seat with lots of hanging toys.  (NOTE: When Mommy dropped me off on Tuesday, she spent so much time taking my picture that I had to give her this exasperated look.  Daddy has since taken over dropoff-duty).

Then I have some fun in an exersaucer.

Sometimes I take a break for a nap.

This is how Mommy found me when she picked me up on Thursday...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Daycare Baby

Today is my first day of daycare.  I was so excited that I woke up at 4:45!

Here I am, eating a power breakfast with Daddy before we left.

Waking up so early takes its toll.  I took a little nap before we left.

Look at me in this AWESOME bouncy seat!  This is shaping up to be a GREAT day!  Even though I am in a new place, my hands still taste the same...

Busy Beaver

I am a busy beaver.  Just kidding!  I'm a busy hedgehog!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1

My goodness, this is shaping up to be a fun year!!!

Chillin' out in my dinosaur duds...

Making music in my kicker...

Eating a duck ring in my rockin' play gym...

Going for walks in my fancy schmany snow suit!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!  I celebrated with Mommy and Daddy!  Check me out!

Here I am, in my tuxedo (courtesy of Cousin Jonah) before we went out for dinner.

My hands still taste yummy -- better even than the fancy dinner we are about to go to!

I am desperately trying to look at my bowtie.  Maybe even take a little lick...

I still love Mommy, despite my fancy schmancy grown-up duds...

I am just SO distinguished...

It's not that dinner wasn't fun -- it was -- but Mommy and Daddy sleep trained me last night (!!!) and here is what happened to me just before dinner.

And here is how I stayed for 12 more hours...