Sunday, April 24, 2011

Passover - Part Deux...amongst other things

So you've probably heard about my first seder at my goomparents' house.  My cousins Maya and Jonah were there, along with Zack and little Becca, who is younger than me if you can believe that!  But you know what?  I've come to find out that Passover is my favorite holiday!  Why you ask?  Matzah!  I get to eat lotza matzah!  And I love it!

Wait!  I think I dropped a piece!

I can't believe Shane actually likes that stuff!

Oh, no!  A plague is after my matzah!
I eventually got my matzah back, but a plague of another sort, for lack of a better term, got the best of me a few days later when Daddy had to go and switch up my ride.  Yes, the Pontiac tradition has come to an end.  Daddy had an old 1987 Grand Am during high school and college before getting the 2001 we've all come to know and love. 

Here I am only a few days old coming home from the hospital in the Grand Am on August 5th.
After all, the Grand Am was the first car I've ever been in, and despite what Mommy says, it will always be special to me (and Daddy).

I didn't know it at the time, but this was my last time riding in the Pontiac.
Daddy, I miss the Grand Am...and I DON'T like new car smell!
Oh well...if Mommy can learn to love the new Outback, I can too.

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  1. Nora, honey, before you know it, Shane will be asking for the keys to that car! He is getting so big, so fast! Good luck to you all with the new wheels! I love the color!